Review of the HTC iBeats/ urBeats by Monster

This is my review of the iBeats and urBeats by Monster. These are the versions that come with the HTC Sensation XL (urBeats) and the Sensation XE (iBeats). The handsets that these headphones come with are priced very competitively, with the Sensation XE at £400, and the Sensation XL for £430, these are very good prices considering the design, specs and the headphones that come with the phone, compared to competitors like the iPhones 4s that starts at £500.

So lets get to the headphones themselves. These are based on the iBeats that you can buy from Monster for £80, but there are a few differences. For one, the colours that these come in are only available with these handsets, and cannot be purchased separately (unless you search sites like eBay for people selling theirs). Also, the control talk buttons have been changed to work with Android phones rather than iPhones. This means instead of the volume buttons, you have buttons to skip tracks, although the play/pause button does still work with the iPhone. One thing that I did not like about the controls was that rather than being placed up on the left earphone so its next to your mouth like the normal iBeats, it is placed where the y split is, so when using it for a call, you do have to hold it up next to your mouth rather than just being able to leave it and talk without holding it like the normal iBeats. The cable also does tangle really easily, which is strange considering most other headphones made by Monster tend to have tangle free cables like the Beats by Dre Tours.

Now onto the sound quality. the headphones have a good, clean bass that does not distort. The highs are not as clear as i thought they would be, and can be overwhelmed by the bass. So now I am going to look at these headphones from 2 perspectives, im going to look at them as free earphones, and earphones that cost £80. So to start of with, im going to look at them as free earphones. For free earphones, these are the best headphones that come with a phone ever, and i don’t think any other handset currently on the market has earphones as good as these for free. But, for the £80 price tag, they are a bit  pricey considering other headphones that also cost £80, most of them sound alot better, especially in the highs and overall sound quality. So if you get these headphones with your phone for free, defiantly worth keeping, but if you are looking for headphones at the £80 price mark, i would defiantly consider looking into other headphones (unless you are just looking for headphones for fashion)


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